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HI....heheheheh....I'M BACK

2012-05-18 22:36:47 by LeeHowler

Okay, so, I'm back, even if no one really cares.

After brutal failure after brutal failure, I've finally come up with an idea that might work. I'll keep WHOEVER the fuck is reading this updated, but it's totally prone to failure.


Need Help for A Project

2011-11-10 19:46:42 by LeeHowler

Because no one would answer me on the forms, here's my idea:

I got an idea for a game, and yes, I've thought about more than just throwing this up here.

I tried to take the best zombie games on Newgrounds, find what makes them good, then take those elements and put them together.

The games that I took elements from were:

"Rebuild" (1&2)
"The Last Stand" (1&2)
"Stick Man Sam" (sorta all of them)

The story is basically:

Two years after the infections have taken place Rocco has decided that he may as well kill zombies. On Day 1 of the game Rocco finds the "Book of Hope" and decides (rather half-heartedly) to accomplish its ten missions. On the way he will (if you want to have fun) gather survivors, complete quests aside from the book, kill zombies (duh), and, most likely, get the girl.

If anyone wants to help out with this I'll give WAY more information, because there's a lot more to tell.

Also, for every part of the project I'll need an example of your work.

I'll need creepy music, male AND female voice actors, and finally a sick artist and/or animator for the zombies. And probably a programmer too.



2011-10-30 10:18:30 by LeeHowler

Pretty damn close to getting a home recording studio up and running. I'll probably just upload them here, see what people think.

Also, pineapple.

That is all.


2011-08-09 10:49:34 by LeeHowler

Okay look.

Two projects I had had high hopes for fell through. KIND OF PISSED OFF.

Turns out what I'm good at isn't desiging levels for physics games or co-ordinating flash movies, but writing scripts, creating characters, being in a punk band (which will come out soon), and desiging the main themes in the form of movies.


Designing a game

2011-08-08 20:59:48 by LeeHowler

I'm designing a physics game and I also just wanted to say this:

After my last project fell through, I left Newgrounds for a good half a year. When I came back, I threw myself back into the site, and have re-though everything about my profile. Filled with confidence (which is probably false), here I am.



2011-08-02 16:19:21 by LeeHowler

Just remade my entire account, changed a bunch of stuff, and now I'm back with a project.


2010-12-22 10:58:59 by LeeHowler

All my hard work is paying off. I've almost got everything that I need to make the flash, and then I'll just send it all off to the animator.

I think that it will turn out AWESOME.


Website Updates and News

2010-12-16 08:54:35 by LeeHowler

Friday is my last day of school for about two or two 1/2 weeks, so I'll be giving Newgrounds a lot more attention. My website will probably be looking a lot different during that time too, because I'm going to try to make a new banner and main menu picturea as well.

That's it,

Oh, in case anyone is wondering, I'm still working/waiting for voice actors for my flash project.

Contact me

2010-12-11 14:07:20 by LeeHowler

I've set up a Facebook and an e-mail.

Facebook is Lee Howler, same picture as my profile (LOOK TO THE LEFT).

E-mail is

Website is:

For everyone helping me, please contact me if you need to, and if you're not helping me but want to for one reason or another, then you can as well.



2010-12-09 13:44:38 by LeeHowler

All the parts have been taken except for:

The Random Townspeople
the Narrorator
Keep auditioning (official auditions are over, so I'm extending them to the 20th of December).